God’s Purposes Fulfilled

It was great to kick off Catalyst Festival with the one and only David Devenish last night, looking at two amazing stories from the life of Abraham.

The first story was of Abraham and Sarah, the one where Abraham claims that Sarah is his sister… for the second time. David explained the passage so well, tackling difficult questions like what does Pharaoh want with an 89-year-old woman? We also saw that God’s grace is at work in all circumstances. Many Christians live with the consequences of sin from before they became Christians. We still have those vulnerabilities, but God uses all these circumstances for His good and His glory! Praise God!

Secondly, Abraham was obedient before he had a strategy. Abraham after waiting so long for a son, was called to be obedient and offer Isaac as a sacrifice. He was obedient, but at the same time, he kept listening and Isaac was spared. Abraham not only heard God at the beginning, but thankfully was listening to God throughout. For our own lives, to be obedient to God, we need to be listening to Him all the time. Easy right!

“Strategy is important, but obedience comes first. When you obey, the strategy follows.” - David Devenish 

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