A Biblical Worldview

Between 2010 and 2011, I taught a series at Woodside Church in Bedford on "A Biblical Worldview", all about how the book of Genesis contains a number of stories which are to frame the way in which we see and engage with the world around us. Each one helps us begin to embrace a Biblical mindset in order that we might be able to respond rightly to contemporary issues; enjoying and revealing God throughout all of life.

1. Culture & Worldview

In this session, David introduces the series by looking at the twin areas of Culture and Worldview - what they are, why they matter, how they answer our basic questions about life, the universe and everything, and how Scripture sets out a new way of looking at the world.

2. Race & Language

In this session, David looks at how we can have a Biblical Worldview of race and language, beginning with the descendants of Adam and Eve and also looking at the story of the building of the Tower of Babel.

3. Marriage

In this session, David looks at how we can have a Biblical Worldview of marriage through the story of the creation of Eve and her union with Adam.

4. What Went Wrong?

In this session, David looks at the Fall, and how the entry of sin into the world creates a problem for all mankind. Yet, even as things are going wrong, God is sowing the seeds of hope for redemption and restoration.

5. Relationship Breakdown

In this session, David looks at the how the consequences of the Fall begin to play out within Adam and Eve's family. Death and bloodshed take hold, but one day will themselves herald a better covenant.

6. Daily Life

In this session, David looks at the how humanity begins to develop; with work, culture and technology being established. Each offer opportunities to see God's common grace at work, but also dangers to seeing with a Biblical Worldview.

7. Temple

In this session, David looks at how the theme of the Temple begins in the garden and continues right throughout Scripture. It's a theme which reveals God's continued presence with his people; something that's to shape everything about how we're to live now.

8. Care for the Earth

In this session, David looks at how the theological case for caring for the environment begins in Genesis and continues throughout the Bible, and how our worldview can be shaped by a deeper understanding of God's creation plan.

9. Judgement & Salvation

In this session, David looks at the story of the great flood and how it reveals God's good plan for both judgement and salvation, and ultimately points to the hope for a renewed Earth.

10. Work & Rest

In this session, David looks at how being made in God's image means that we are made to enjoy both work and rest. As we echo creation rhythms in our daily lives, so we're able to demonstrate God's character to the world around us.

11. Generosity & Faith

In this session, David looks at how we're to have a right attitude towards prosperity and generosity. Our choices have power, and the call for us is to choose faith whether we find ourselves in the midst of wealth or poverty.

12. From Fear to Faith

In the final part of the series, David look at a couple of stories from the life of Abraham which show God's grace at work at work to fulfil His purposes despite the struggles of our fear and failure.

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