David’s Books

Succession or Multiplication?

Transitioning a Movement to Next Generation Leadership

Passing on the baton of leadership to a next generation is such an important component for existing Christian leaders. Furthermore, throughout the Christian Church across the world, fresh movements have been started in recent decades for church planting and world mission. How these movements transition into next generation leadership is a massive challenge; some movements have done this really well; others have struggled.

David's book describes how the Newfrontiers movement (now working in around 80 nations) transformed from one led by Terry Virgo, the founder and leader, into multiplied autonomous teams instead of appointing one new leader. This has resulted in growth and development across the world, and the book explores transition lessons that can help movements of churches, local churches themselves and mission organisations as they approach this important task. Other potential insights in the book on leadership issues such as global contextualisation, mutual accountability and teamwork.

"There aren't many people who know more about multiplying apostolic movements than David Devenish. His wisdom and insights have shaped churches all over the world, and I am so glad that he has written this book to share some of the lessons he has learned along the way" - Andrew Wilson, Teaching Pastor, King's Church London

Demolishing Strongholds

David shares insights drawn from many years of personal experience in helping people break free from strongholds that have bound them. In this no-nonsense guide, he gives us effective strategies for spiritual warfare which include:

  • Having a biblical model for understanding the enemy’s strategies and dealing with them.
  • Keeping a balance between the reality of Satan and the demonic realm, our responsibility for our actions, and the absolute sovereignty of God.
  • Understanding that strongholds are wrong thinking, and learning to use Godly power to pull them down.
  • Understanding our authority in Christ.
  • Knowing our weapons and using them.

"A book full of biblical shocks and surprises that God has owned to cause all heaven (and hell!) to break loose and set thousands free" - Greg Haslam, Senior Pastor, Winchester Family Church

What on Earth is the Church


A Blueprint for the Future for Church-based Mission and Social Action

David believes that the church exists as a means of taking the gospel message to every people group. He believes that the church is very much at the center of God’s purposes, and in this book presents the church, not as a static pastoral community, but as a vibrant, active body totally committed to world mission. David investigates the importance of church planting to reach the nations and looks at Church-based mission and how to make local churches “missional” in both thinking and practice. Set within a framework of the Kingdom of God, David demonstrates what the “Kingdom down to earth” really implies for Church-based Kingdom social action. Finally, David examines the culture and contextualisation of social action along with some of the dangers and difficulties of apostolic mission, before asking the fundamental question, “Who will go?”

"Thoroughly rooted in biblical revelation and illustrated by very telling and up-to-date stories from churches around the world, it challenges the modern Christian to think again about the vital role of the local church in the ultimate fulfilment of the great commission" - Terry Virgo, Founder of Newfrontiers

Fathering Leaders, Motivating


A unique book addressing the biblical requirement for apostles and their role in shaping todays church in fathering leaders and motivating mission. One of the sad factors of church life is that many pastors are lonely and their heart cry is for a fathering style of relationship, where they can be cared for pastorally, as well as mentored in the development of gifts and practical skills for their ministry.

"This is an incredible, solid book - it isn't lightweight theologically, biblically, or practically. There is nothing I have read that comes close to it in explanation and application...This book is a real gift to the church today" - Dr Bob Roberts Jr, Senior Pastor, Northwood Church, Dallas

Setting People Free


David developed this course to help train the church to set people free from problems in their lives which held them in bondage. Its intention is to combine a clear biblical framework together with appropriate counselling skills and a strong Holy Spirit dimension to the caring ministry. You can download the book here.

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